Bristol Officially Named Best Place to Live in 2017

In the Sunday Times Best Places to Live Guide, Bristol has been named as the most desirable and best place to live.

What made Bristol stand out was that fact that it is a small city that feels like a larger city. Not only that, but the fact that it is in a handy location for seaside and scenery whilst not being completely isolated from the rest of the country.

The annual guide uses data such as school performance, crime rates and house prices to make its conclusion on the best place to live. Bristol faced stiff competition from London and Other popular UK destinations.

The Sunday Times editor had this to say about Bristol: “The city is a worthy winner thanks to its ideal combination of extraordinary culture, impressive schools, buzzing culinary scene, exciting redevelopment and community spirit.”

"We sum the city up as cool, classy and supremely creative."

The judges also pointed out that Bristol has plenty of “glamorous, creative, hi-tech and professional” jobs, a brilliant food and drink scene and tons of culture.

Bristol is often described as being as exciting as London whilst still being able to provide a better quality of life.

If you are thinking of moving to Bristol, you will not regret your decision as it has so much to offer.

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